Waiting for Violet to get home

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I did it!

Someone is very proud of herself:


She spends a lot of her time putting on sweaters, coats, and hats, and then announcing to us “I did it!”

This is often followed by her putting on shoes (sometimes with help), grabbing a bag, and announcing “Bye!” and requesting a kiss. It’s all pretty darn cute.

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Someone didn’t want to sleep last night, so we snuggled for a bit and I captured this:


Love her little voice.


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Someone misses her daddy

I typically pick Ramona up after work, and Adam gets Violet. That means I get some one-on-one time with Ramona and can focus on getting dinner made without both of them fighting over my attention.

Ramona is in such a daddy mood these days. When I pick her up at daycare she immediately will ask “Daddy?” and point, asking me if he’s coming too. Then she’ll point at every man she sees on the way home… “Daddy!” and get sad when it’s not actually Adam.

Yesterday she was constantly asking for him when we got home. I captured this moment. Could she sound any sadder?

(Please excuse the labyrinth of toys on the way to the door)

When she stops and asks for my hand? That’s her latest thing – – she’ll  say “come,” and ask for your hand to go with her. Often to show you something or ask for help. Pretty darn cute.

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Dance Class

Violet is taking a jazz/tap combo class (she insisted on tap as her dance of choice because then she could wear “heel shoes”!). Most classes parents aren’t allowed to watch – – but we were invited in for a peek on her 3rd class. Cuteness overload:

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School Lockdowns

Ah, new safety precautions since I was in school. Violet just explained what happens in a school lockdown:

“You turn out the lights, and lock the door, and get down on the floor and be very quiet until the stranger goes away.”

This may have made me want to move to a deserted island and/homeschool and/or cry. 

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Conversations with Violet

Violet: I’m doing your hair special to go out! With me!

Me: Where are we going?

Violet: We’re going to the grown up park

Me: What is at the grown up park?

Violet: There is garlic. And you can play. And there are rides for grown ups. And seesaws. For grown ups!

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